Aurora Australis – South Gippsland 2022

G’day and welcome to Gippsland Aurora & Astro Photography. My name is Luke Rasmussen’ and one of my passions is nightscape photography. I specialise in photographing the Aurora Australis, Milky Way and Ghost Mushrooms. I am based in South Gippsland, Victoria – Australia, and do most of my photography from here, or Tasmania. If you have an interest for the nightscape/astro or adventure photography’ then i’m sure you’ll enjoy this site. Thanks for visiting – I do hope you enjoy my gallery and please follow my blog – “On The Hunt For Aurora Australis” as I post about my efforts and experiences chasing the Aurora Australis.

Please feel free to comment on the site and contact me about services available – including framed and digital prints, personal nightscape/aurora photography workshops and hired photographer deals.