Luke Rasmussen

Hi I’m Luke, I’m a long time local of the Bass Coast region of Gippsland, Victoria – Australia. I grew up on the coast at Phillip Island and have always had a love for the area and its natural environment. I started my photography journey as a keen surf photographer’ but soon found my true passion was for nightscapes and night sky photography. My favourite being that of the elusive Aurora Australis. It’s safe to say that I’m an Aurora nut – and am continually keeping an eye out for any chance to photograph the Southern Lights. I realy enjoy trying to photograph, document and share each decent Aurora that we are lucky enough to see from Victoria. I’m a very active member of Facebook groups such as Aurora Hunters Victoria, Aurora Australia’s Tasmanian and Southern Hemisphere Aurora Group. And my own Facebook page – Gippsland Aurora & Astro Photography has grown to over 7000 followers. It’s from there and the feedback I have received from people enquiring about my photos’ that I have decided to take this passion a bit more seriously.

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